Prem Sahasranam, MD

My Diabetes TutorCEO

Dr. Prem Sahasranam, Board Certified Endocrinologist and founder of My Diabetes Tutor, has over 15 years of experience caring for individuals with diabetes and is a faculty member of Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA.Dr. Sahasranam lives and works in Central California. Dr. Sahasranam graduated from Madras Medical College, India, in 1999 and subsequently did post-graduate training in Internal Medicine at Weil Medical College, St Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, New York, and fellowship training in Endocrinology at Charles R Drew University, Losa Angeles, California. Dr. Sahasranam founded Central Valley Endocrinology in 2007, a state-of-the-art comprehensive endocrine practice in Central California that provides exceptional care for adults in Hanford- Visalia area and serves half a million population. Diabetes occurs at higher rates in rural versus urban areas. People living in these rural areas have higher numbers of diabetes-related complications. This scenario motivated Dr. Sahasranam to develop My Diabetes Tutor, Inc(MDT), founded in 2019 and went live in September 2020. My Diabetes Tutor is the first program to provide in-patient diabetes education on-call services. The program also has a diabetes prevention program, remote patient monitoring, and weight management program under development. After showing positive outcomes in Rural Central California, MDT satisfies a great need to make diabetes education accessible in rural communities, setting the stage for MDT’s planned national expansion.