Innovation Challenge & Showcase
A space designed for Digital Health innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to showcase their innovations, to an audience of judges, technology leaders, investors, and partners. Registration Open Pitch Day TBD
Get a glimpse into the future of healthcare at the CharmHealth Innovation Challenge for the opportunity to showcase your digital health innovations and connect with influential healthcare partners, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Catalyzing Cutting-edge Innovations, Designs and Technology in Healthcare

The future of healthcare depends on innovative technological solutions and new business models of care. From universal access to robotics, AI assisted patient care and remote monitoring, how we prevent, treat and manage healthcare will depend on our ability to incorporate AI/VR, NLP, wearables and devices. This Innovation Challenge is meant to engage innovators, entrepreneurs, students, non-profits, and philanthropists to look at health technology from this new perspective.

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  • The CharmHealth Innovation Challenge was a tremendous opportunity to present the Atapir AVD-M monitoring system to a panel of experts in clinical informatics and medical devices. CharmHealth Innovation Challenge allowed us to present and get feedback from venture capitalists who had knowledge and experience in both medical device development and clinical informatics. It was a great opportunity to gain exposure and feedback from experts in our domain for our new platform for monitoring.


    Dr. Arthur Wallace, MD, PhD
    CEO & Founder, Atapir, 2022 Winner
  • The CharmHealth Innovation Challenge proved to be an excellent event. It was my first chance to connect with the organizers as well as attendees actively involved in life science. The other presenters provided great insight into areas where I was not as familiar as I would have liked.

    Richard Henson
    CEO, ValVention Inc, 2022 Winner

Identify a focus area from those listed below and submit a written proposal of your solution. The proposal should define an unmet need that you aim to solve and the technical viability of your solution in the digital health domain.

Telehealth & Telemedicine

  • Detection & Diagnostics
  • Chronic Disease Management

Tech-led Innovations

  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Insuretech

Digital Therapeutics

  • Novel Solutions for Emerging Healthcare Issues
  • Back Office / Admin Tools

Drug Discovery

  • Clinical Trial Tech/Siteless Clinical Studies
  • Integrated Clinical Management with AI


  • Wearables & Apps
  • Medical Devices

Disease Management

  • AI Driven Assistance
  • Patient Side Solutions

Categories & Awards

Startup Entrepreneurs



Non-profits & Research Groups

Startups looking to showcase their novel solutions for investment, mentorship, and awards.

Cash Prize:
$10,000 for 1st place finalist
$5,000 for 2nd place finalist
$2,500 for 3rd place finalist

Accelerated go-to market opportunity
Access to capital
Mentoring by industry experts as part of accelerator support

Resources: CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Tranformation Fund

Health IT consultants or developers who would like to be part of CharmHealth ecosystem or provide prototype solutions for a large market opportunity may submit various solutions or mobile applications that use CharmHealth API.

Cash Prize: $2,500 for Top 1 Finalist

Fast track to CharmHealth Marketplace
Access to additional revenue opportunities
Mentoring by Industry experts

Resources: CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund

Students are encouraged to present health technology solutions including AI/ML/NLP, wearable devices and other emerging technologies. It is not mandatory to use CharmHealth API for student applicants.

Cash Prize: $1,500 for Top 1 Finalist

Fast track to CharmHealth marketplace
Paid internship opportunity
Mentoring by Industry experts

*To claim the cash prize students should be able to produce a W9

Resources: CharmHealth

Nonprofits are encouraged to build or showcase solutions using CharmHealth or CharmHealth API (telehealth, rural health access, community hospitals etc) and present a video. Research groups that can utilize CharmHealth’s API to study/publish new discoveries/analytics, data visualizations, algorithms, and other research tools, based on de-identified data.

Cash Prize: $2,500 for 1 Finalist

Access to additional research grants
Resources for scaling up and deployment
Network with other Charities in our ecosystem

Resources: CharmHealth, The Brain Foundation

Dates & Deadlines

August 15, 2023

Application Deadline

Submit entry application with a 10-slide presentation of your idea (Download Template).

August 18, 2023

Shortlist Deadline

15 Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation to present at Pitch Day with their final pitch presentation.

September 2-3, 2023

Pitch Day

15 Shortlisted candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a poster session in person to an audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders.

September 10, 2023

Prototype Phase

Certain shortlisted candidates will have an opportunity to access CharmHealth’s API sandbox and fast track to marketplace.

Judging Criteria

Unmet need and definition of the opportunity

Propose a well-defined solution

Demonstrate the technical viability of the solution

CharmHealth + Bioverge

Digital Transformation Fund

With the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, Bioverge’s expertise in sourcing and investing in the next-generation healthcare startups is paired with CharmHealth’s extensive and growing network, technical support and marketplace of digital tools.

A wide gap exists in the digital healthcare investment space, whereby the validation of innovative ideas is often too far removed from the input of actual end users. This Digital Transformation Fund is pioneering a new way to bridge this gap. In the context of healthcare, this can mean a shortened time for a cure to a life-threatening disease or novel treatment for a chronic condition.

Our Investments

Biorosa Technologies

The Future of Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection

BioROSA Technologies aims to make the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) rapid and simple.


The New Way to Measure Health Data Is Software-based
An AI-powered, video-based solution that enables anyone to measure a wide range of vitals and biomarkers such as blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, breathing rate, sympathetic stress, parasympathetic activity, pulse-respiration quotient, Wellness score and HbA1C using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

My Diabetes Tutor

Diabetes Education Telehealth

My Diabetes Tutor aims to provide individuals with diabetes increased access to high quality diabetes education services. 


Corporate Partners

Join us as a Corporate partner for firsthand engagement and interaction with leading innovators in Digital Health. You have the option of supporting the Challenge as a Judge or as a Mentor to one or more startups (no financial commitment or obligation for this option). Or join us as a sponsor and get access to co-creation and OEM opportunities including strategic investment options in participating startups.



To enter the challenge:

  • Submit a Pitch Deck of your idea (Download Template)
  • Present your solution to a panel of judges on Pitch Day
  • If shortlisted, you will have an opportunity to access API/sandbox details to start prototyping



Are you passionate about Healthcare Technology?

  • Join us on Sept 2-3, 2023 to check out what the participants have been working on
  • Check the pulse on Digital Health innovations and early stage investment potential
  • Get inspired for your own growth and innovation!

* Investor Pass is FREE and does not include accommodation for Saturday and Sunday nights.

For access to full package with food and boarding, register here.